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El-Baron Company was established in 2010 as a sole proprietorship according to the Egyptian Trade Law for various activities, namely designing and hosting internet sites, computer and network maintenance, and supplying and operating workers inside and outside Egypt.
It was sought by customers to work in graphic design, and to fulfill their demands we started to do graphic design

We spread slowly because the most important thing we have is to master the business and not to collect customers, and we do not care for the high prices, but we work to achieve the lowest margin of profit in front of high efficiency and quality services.
Our goal is to fulfill customer desires by providing excellent service and a competitive price that is lower than competitors' prices.


The company logo is inspired by the butterfly, as the butterfly is one of the starting and emancipation symbols, we seek liberation and starting with ideas to reach the highest ability of creativity and distinction.
We try to strive to make customers imagine, dream and strive to realize their imaginations and dreams